RunFree  Instant Hosiery Repair


RunFree was designed specifically to repair your hosiery, pantyhose, tights,  compression hosiery, knee-highs, sheer socks, and lingerie. 



Washable and invisible to others, RunFree Instant Hosiery Repair is soft and flexible. And, RunFree works instantly.



With one light application of RunFree, you can permanently repair your snags and runs.



With RunFree, there is no noticeable odor during use. And, RunFree will not stick to or damage your skin.



RunFree Instant Hosiery Repair works much faster and better than nail polish for stopping snags or runs in your hosiery. Perhaps best of all, you can prevent snags and runs by pre-treating usual problem areas with RunFree.



Cost of RunFree is  $4.95 per mascara-size, unbreakable bottle. Each bottle repairs 60-65 runs, or 100 snags.

Yes! RunFree works.


 Instant Hosiery Repair



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