RunFree  Instant Hosiery Repair



How is RunFree better than nail polish for repairing hosiery?

RunFree Instant Hosiery Repair is:

Permanent, and odorless within seconds

Packaged in an attractive, unbreakable bottle

Soft, ultra-thin and flexible

Safe for your skin

Invisible to others



Is RunFree washable?

One application of RunFree Instant Hosiery Repair is all that is needed to permanently repair your snags and runs.


Can RunFree be used on any color stockings?

Yes, RunFree is invisible to others. You can use it on all colors and types of hosiery and lingerie.


How long does it take for RunFree to work?

Less than ten seconds. If run is in shoe, allow 30 seconds.

Can RunFree be used to pre-treat problem areas?

Yes! By using RunFree to pre-treat problem areas (such as toes, heels, and other abrasion areas) snags and runs can be prevented from developing at all.

What size is RunFree? Will it fit into a small evening bag?

RunFree, with cap, measures 3-1/4 inches tall by 5/8 inches in diameter. Yes, RunFree easily fits into a small evening bag.

How much does Shipping and Handling cost?

In the U.S. and Canada, the order processing and shipping cost is $3.35 per order.

Overseas S&H is $7 per order.

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Yes! RunFree works.

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